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Fordi AI 99

Review of Fordi AI - The AI-Powered Brainstorming Assistant

PixieBrix 23

PixieBrix Review - AI-Powered Chrome Extension to Boost Productivity

TeamSmart AI 12

The Chrome extension to boost productivity with ChatGPT

Zapier 15

Streamline workflows by connecting your work apps with no coding

Swapp 29

AI-Powered Construction Documents in Minutes.

ChatGPT Auto Refresh 38

Auto-refresh ChatGPT sessions to avoid network errors and Cloudflare checks

Autoclear ChatGPT History 24

Maximize privacy with automatic chat history clearing

ChatGPT Widescreen Mode 34

Enhance ChatGPT experience with Widescreen & Full-Window toggles

GPT Quickbar 8

Access a powerful AI desktop assistant with a simple shortcut for instant help

Madison AI 9

Responsible for integrating AI tools into business operations

PaletteBrain 9

Unleash ChatGPT across all your Mac applications

Project.Supplies 64

Streamline your DIY projects with Project Supplies

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