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AstroGPT 13

Vedic AstroGPT - The Future of Personalized Astrology

RizzGPT 46

Engaging chat-based game with AI characters for fun and connection


AI-powered personalised children's stories app

Saga 40

AI text RPG that offers on-demand experience

Giftbox 37

Personalised gift recommendation for any occasion

Ask Marcus Aurelius 37

Ask Marcus Aurelius: Roman Emperor & Stoic philosopher, 3 Questions using Ask Marcus Aurelius

DiscordPal 8

Realistic, Platonic and romantic AI Relationships in Discord.


AI-powered solution that converts online recipes into pre-portioned ingredient kits for convenient cooking.

Acrostic AI 38

Generate creative acrostic poems with AI for any input word

Jedi GPT 21

AI-powered chatbot with a Jedi mentor theme

Artistinterview 29

Generate lifelike AI-generated responses to interview questions.

BARK Voice Cloning App 71

AI Review: BARK Voice Cloning App

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