Supercharge your influence With GPT-Powered LinkedIn Comments

Supercharge Your Influence on LinkedIn with WriteSmart

WriteSmart's AI-powered LinkedIn comment generator extension is designed to boost your engagement, warm up leads, get you noticed, and increase followers on the platform. Here's a detailed review of its features, benefits, use cases, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Main Features and Benefits

Who Can Benefit from WriteSmart?

WriteSmart is useful for anyone looking to increase their influence and engagement on LinkedIn, including:

What Exactly is WriteSmart?

WriteSmart is a browser extension that integrates with LinkedIn to suggest relevant, thoughtful comments on posts in your feed. It uses GPT-3 artificial intelligence to generate personalized remarks that feel natural.

The extension installs in just a few clicks, and then activates whenever you open LinkedIn. Simply click the extension icon to view AI-generated comments tailored to the post you're looking at. Select one you like and post it instantly.

How to Use WriteSmart

Using WriteSmart is very straightforward:

  1. Install browser extension from WriteSmart site. Currently available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  1. Log into LinkedIn and scroll through feed. The extension icon appears on each post.
  1. Click icon to view suggested comments. Pick one that resonates and post.
  1. Engage further with any replies or new connections.
  1. Access more features like comment templates and analytics with paid plans.

The Pros and Cons


Potential Cons

Alternatives to WriteSmart

Some alternatives for AI-generated content include:

However, WriteSmart is the only specialized LinkedIn comment generation tool leveraging GPT-3.

Product Advice

WriteSmart is an innovative tool that can give your LinkedIn presence a boost. The free version is great for testing it out.

For maximum impact, the paid plans provide more comments and advanced features. But be sure to put in the engagement work too - it's not 100% hands-off. Use judiciously to showcase your expertise.

Overall, WriteSmart is a helpful way to save time crafting relevant remarks while increasing your reach. Just be thoughtful about using AI generated content ethically.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is WriteSmart safe to use according to LinkedIn guidelines?

A: Yes, WriteSmart creates original comments tailored to each post so it complies with LinkedIn's terms of service. Moderation helps ensure high quality relevant remarks.

Q: How is my privacy protected when using the extension?

A: WriteSmart does not collect any personal data beyond your basic LinkedIn profile info and comments. Data is encrypted and protected.

Q: Can I create custom comment templates?

A: Yes, the paid plans allow you to build and save custom templates to match your brand voice.

Q: Does WriteSmart work on LinkedIn's mobile app?

A: Currently it is only available as a desktop browser extension. Mobile support is planned for the future.

Q: What is the linguistic accuracy of the AI generated comments?

A: WriteSmart uses GPT-3 which is highly advanced, but occasionally errors may occur. The tool continues to improve accuracy with more training.

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