Social GPT

AI tool for social media: AI Detector and Comment generator

Social GPT Chrome Extension - AI Tool for Social Media

Social GPT is a revolutionary new Chrome extension that integrates advanced AI capabilities into your social media experience. With features like AI-generated comment creation and AI content detection, Social GPT aims to enhance how users interact on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Key Features and Benefits

AI-Generated Comment Creation

One of the standout features of Social GPT is its ability to generate comments in various styles for any social media post. Users can choose between comment styles like "Normal", "Smart", "Positive", "Negative", and even "Troll" - and Social GPT will generate a unique, contextual comment accordingly. This saves time and effort while making social media interactions more fun and engaging. The comment generator works in any language too!

AI Content Detection

Social GPT analyzes posts using advanced algorithms to determine if the content was written by a human or generated by AI. This helps identify bogus accounts or fake engagement on social platforms. The extension provides an instant feedback on content authenticity, along with a confidence score for convenience.

This is perfect for social media users, journalists, and researchers who want to ensure authenticity of posts and safeguard against misinformation.

Completely Free Tool

Unlike other AI content creation tools, Social GPT is available as a free Chrome extension. This makes the advanced AI capabilities accessible for everyone.

Easy To Use

The extension integrates seamlessly into social media sites with a simple click. No sign-up required. Users can start generating comments and analyzing posts instantly.

Works Across Social Platforms

Social GPT works on leading social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. The features cater seamlessly across platforms.

Who Can Benefit from Social GPT?

Social GPT can benefit a wide range of users:

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